Project Cargo

10137264ed998295cb66375df05a62ad.png Site survey & feasibility studies- routes, weather, political climate

10137264ed998295cb66375df05a62ad.png Full/part charter parties - air charters 、time 、voyage charters 

10137264ed998295cb66375df05a62ad.png Multi-modal transport - rail、tug 、 barge 、heavy lift

10137264ed998295cb66375df05a62ad.png Special equipment transport - flat racks、 open tops、platforms 、artificial 、tween deck solution

10137264ed998295cb66375df05a62ad.png Administration - customs clearance, trade documentation

Your Porject Cargo  

Discover the power to move anything anywhere

heavy lift, maximum effort

Years of experience handling over-dimensional, 

overweight cargo means our local, project experts liaise with engineers, 

the factory, and jobsite to map cost-effective, 

time consultative routings for your largest freight moves.  

Servicing any industry,

 Green’s flexibility at each stage of execution translates to cost-cutting 

advantages and contingency management to overcome any delivery challenges.